I attended an event the other day, where I heard the phrase “the year twenty plenty” the first time. At first, I thought it was very cliched, but then I started thinking, maybe it should be about more than just another January feel-good statement.


I must admit there is something poetic about the saying “20-20 vision” and its resemblance in date (for an entire year)! Especially because welcoming the new year was very different for me this year, for many reasons. Most humorous of course is that my 2020 was only greeted 8 am the morning, after an 8 pm bed-time with my kids the night before. To most, this must sound like the most boring new year ever, but to me, it was one of the dearests that I will treasure for the rest of my life. I bid farewell to 2019, a very tough year, and welcomed 2020 surrounded with love and my favourite people – how truly blessed I am!


That leads me to what twenty plenty means to me …. It will be a year of absolute clarity, where all the lessons learnt will be applied towards the creation and building of structures and mechanisms that positively impact and change the lives of others.


I have learnt that business is a journey, not a destination, filled with many lessons, some more comfortable on your soul than others. It is, therefore, never truly finished; it is a continuous creative process, which brings me to a side note that I think all entrepreneurs are creative beings (regardless of industry)!


What is most rewarding though is that each milestone is one step closer to a framework within which your focus can truly become impact only. At the beginning of my journey as well as phases after that, I have found that my attention was often divided between creating systems, processes (i.e. ultimately structures and continuity) and of course, in tough times –survival. The real impact is somewhere in there (it has to be if you have any hope at sustainability). Still, the fact is, it mostly tends to share the space with something else.


So, the key is that each lesson leads you closer to a place of clarity, that is if you choose to embrace it. I prefer to embrace it so that my business can become a tool through which I live a higher purpose and make my mark. Of course that the space is not shared with anything else!