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Through my successful legal and entrepreneurial background, I have gained a skill set best described as being a Legal Entrepreneur.

So, based on my own journey and the lessons I’ve picked up along the way, I offer specialised coaching sessions for both Lawyers and Ambitious South African Entrepreneurs. Find out more below.

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Business Silver Linings – Post-Election and Down in the Dumps Economy? Possible?

In times of economic hardship, businesses face challenges that test their resilience and adaptability. We have just returned from the election polls in South Africa. The uncertainty of the unprecedented outcome has been felt throughout society and in our pockets. While this can be daunting, it also presents invaluable lessons that can strengthen a business’s foundation and prepare it for future uncertainties. It could serve as a valuable opportunity to adjust or even to measure impact and relevance.

Pushing Boundaries or Breaking Bonds?

In South Africa, many businesses are family-owned and operated, with ownership often passing from one generation to the next along the male line. Traditionally, this means that many women support their fathers, brothers, and spouses in the business. Although this sounds familiar or even “as things should be” situation, managing a family business involves navigating complex personal and professional relationships. Be that as it may, family businesses are more than that – they are central to the reality of many families. It is not just another business; it goes to the very core of financial prosperity and home dynamics.

It is indeed a complex situation, but let’s add another layer of complexity, one that we rarely hear ventilated until we are in a courtroom. What happens when a woman is the leader instead of a man? Perhaps, let me put it bluntly, it is when a woman employs her husband, partner, father, or brother.

The issues this brings is a shared responsibility to address, it refers to how we raise our children and support our friends and families that find themselves in the grips of this reality. If we get this right, this will not only benefit the women at the helm but also strengthen the family business sector and the family unit as a whole.

When the Earth moves around You, but nothing seems to be Working Out!

We all face difficult times in business, which can be likened to surviving a tsunami. These trying times may result from external factors such as economic circumstances or internal changes where employees are not performing as they once did. During such periods, the legal and structural framework of a business is put to the test. Leaders, especially those in small organisations, feel the challenges more acutely and are tested in their capacity to handle them. Here are a few lessons i have learnt.

Feeling like a Lone Ranger? Navigating the Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

Once you decide and embark on the entrepreneurial journey, you may face unique challenges that your friends and family may not fully understand. We have to stay strong because people are watching. Especially during difficult times, when everyone else is relaxing or staying at home, we may find ourselves working long hours, sacrificing personal time, and missing out on social events. If you can relate to what I’m saying, then you know how difficult and unpleasant it can be. It’s either rock bottom or a critical shift, but either way, it’s not easy.

Why Your Best Friend Really is You!

What we think eventually becomes true, as our thoughts influence our actions and decisions, which in turn inform our life outcomes. Several books delve into this concept and help us reel in our thoughts, beliefs, and habits to our advantage. For me, a key turning point was getting to know myself and loving myself, seeing weaknesses as areas for growth rather than proverbial sticks.

In the pursuit of professional excellence, self-discovery is a non-negotiable imperative. By delving into your strengths, values, motivations, and aspirations, you unlock a myriad of benefits—from aligning with fulfilling career paths and enhancing emotional intelligence to optimizing performance, fostering resilience, and cultivating authentic leadership.

The Fever of Winning

As most of the world knows, we won the Rugby World Cup again this year. This would make it a fourth victory – quite spectacular, actually. I was lucky enough to witness it all. Of course, in South Africa, winning a Rugby World Cup means more than just being really good at the sport. This got me thinking: what does it take to be a world champion at something, and should logic prevail when things are not working out as we hope? Or seemingly so? What is the difference?

Entrepreneurship is Freedom. Entrepreneurship is Slavery. What??

The other day, a young entrepreneur told me he wants to start his business because he wants more freedom. I could not help but pity him but said nothing as I did not want to dim the sparkle in his eyes. We have seen others who have tanked ideas, and you read of many who did not and continued until that breakthrough came. There is a delicate balance, which you only come to understand once you have felt it to your bones.

If Darwin Were a Bouncy Ball…. He would Bounce Back?

Today I want to start off not with a silver lining but with a big life lesson in life and in business. The lesson is about resilience and how I think it is the ingredient to a successful life. Resilience is not the absence of difficulties but rather the capacity to face them head-on. It is an attitude, a mindset, and a set of coping mechanisms that allow us to navigate through life’s challenges. Resilience involves acknowledging and accepting the reality of difficult situations while maintaining a positive outlook.

Finding Inspiration When the Carousel Just Keeps Turning

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck. The entrepreneurial journey is a thrilling adventure filled with excitement, promise, and the thrill of innovation. As time passes, it’s only natural to encounter moments when it feels like we’re repeatedly going through the same motions. It is within the repetitive moments that actual growth and innovation lie hidden.

Road Tripping to Far, Deep and to the Heart

These last few weeks have been interesting for me. I have been thinking about the trip around the sun and the experience of all of it. Indeed, we do not live as a sum total of all our highs and lows. The challenges and setbacks we face can teach us valuable lessons that can be applied in the workplace, and the good times can provide us with the motivation and inspiration to excel.