I am a legal entrepreneur.

In addition, I am a practising Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary Public and Mediator. I must admit that is a mouthful.

I moved to Cape Town in 2007 when I had the opportunity to start my own law firm, which opportunity I seized with open arms. As a result, I founded SchoemanLaw Inc. in 2007 at the age of 24. I am now the Managing Director of the firm.

I am also passionate about business, and as consequence, I am involved in several businesses outside of SchoemanLaw. I believe this was a natural progression, as I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. It is therefore not only in my blood, but the satisfaction, excitement and hard work this entails has been my reality for as long as I can remember.

SchoemanLaw has, through the years, become the preferred law firm for entrepreneurs. At its core, the concept of the firm is not only unique, as it has been created by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, but is truly a value driven establishment that embraces the power of diversity and focusses on individual empowerment and personal growth of each of its individual team members. The reasoning behind this is to enable us, as a collective, in facilitating tangible differences, both internally and externally of the firm. As such, the ultimate goal is to assist clients to grow their businesses and thereby playing a small part in ensuring additional economic participation in South Africa as a whole.

I have enjoyed the confidence of many successful entrepreneurs (both locally and abroad) over the years and continue to do so. As a trusted advisor, I have actively contributed to the successes of many businesses and helped many entrepreneurs build lasting legacies. It is this calling that I am honoured to answer to everyday.