In my view, expectations are where misalignment often happens.


Whether it be in a business transaction, with our children, a relationship (whether romantic or not) or even in a partnership.


In no small degree as humans, we are driven by expectations that are fuelled by projections. The funny thing is, no matter how logical we are, very little of this is informed by fact. We allow ourselves to go on an “expectation rollercoasters”, and before we know it, we are disappointed. The minute we are disappointed, invariably we are well on the way to a definite outcome.


Why is this that expectation seems to inform the most critical portions of our lives, yet we never really bothered to do the necessary introspection before we reach that point of disappointment?!


If there is one lesson, I have learned it is to critically assess why you expected a specific outcome. Then to trace back to the factual basis of that expectation and when this none to evaluate the factual basis of the current situation. From there, onwards based on fact to decide of the way forward. This has served me well over the years and ensured that preventable the regret is limited.