They say business is a delicate combination of a war and sport. In the last 8 weeks, this could not be more true for me.

In business there are always seasons and challenges, that is a given, specifically, when the operational chaos is all-encompassing, and you struggle to keep your eye on the goalpost.

Sometimes we must just put our heads down and get through it, but how do we energise again in order to focus on the goals?! I was tested to the brim on this front recently.

All I can say is, you need to find the joy again, focus less on the frustration and what is not working as it should and focus on the joy of what your business does or means in the space you operate in. Focus on the change you want to facilitate and on the achievements to date.

Be grateful that you are growing. If you are strapped for time, it is because of the pains of growing and expanding (well usually). This means you are on the way to a place that can only be better.

Nothing worthwhile in life has ever been easy. This can only be the start of something great!

Great businesses in my experience have always known that they are great and no matter the challenges have celebrated their wins and remained positive and discussed even in the most challenging of times.