I have learnt that for most people, change is the most intimidating and most stressful prospect of all in life. Strange, because according to many writers, change is the only constant.

In the last few weeks, I have witnessed how change is good for some people but not for others. In the last few weeks I have embarked on what I deem to be my most exciting journey to date.
We have expanded not only in the size of business and staff compliment but on the decision-making level. This excites me for many reasons – more perspectives mean more opportunities and more learning and it means comradery and continuity. I have seen clients embark on this, with fear of losing control and of fear of failing. I count myself extremely blessed that this is not the case.

With any change of such magnitude, some people will not experience it positively – regardless of any reinforcement. Perhaps that is the natural ebb and flow of life – each new chapter sheds some of the old skin while others stay firmly attached. This process even if natural is always hard and yet sad, especially in smaller teams where people connect more closely than they would have in a large corporate.

One thing I do know is from now nothing will ever be the same again. I am ok with that if fact more than ok!
Lessons learnt:
1. Embrace the pro’s, cons and changes of a new chapter in your business. Within all of this, there lies a lot of learning and growing opportunities.
2. Sometimes it’s just time – it does not mean you need to adjust anything.
3. Remember that the building blocks and the necessary shift in gears are often a painful process to go from good to great.